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With regular road freight services across the USA, Pacheco Trucking is your primary road freight carrier – for full loads to shipments of less than a truckload.

We understand the unique requirements of freight transportation. Due to the range of box trucks we have, we are likely to have the right kind of truck to suit your load, whether it be pallets, dry goods, office equipment, or anything in between.

We have a huge amount of experience in freight shipping and we guarantee you a hassle-free experience – we will also confirm with you once your transport is complete. As experts in the transport and logistics our experienced team of professionals understand the needs of our customers and have the experience and know-how to beat the daily challenges involved in delivering on time, and in an affordable way.

Depending on what you need to be shipped, the size and weight will determine which of our trucks are used. Whatever your road freight requirements, we are ready to surpass your expectations.

LTL Freight Shipping/Truckload

We operate both Full Truck Loads (FTL) and Less than a Truck Load (LTL) service and transportation.

LTL :   If you don’t have enough freight to get a FTL, that’s no problem. Sharing space within a truck offers an efficient and safe solution that reduces the cost of shipping. It’s often a cost-efficient option compared to completely packaged shipments with full flexibility and dependability. It is often cheaper than other freight services as it does not require an entire journey to be made to ship just your items, instead, they are added to a vehicle already making a journey. We’re experts in moving LTL cargo and offer a range of services to suit you, across the USA.

FTL :   FTL is the swiftest door-to-door service with the speediest travel time. We can cater for both standard services as well as special transportation of heavy or oversized goods. Full Truck Load haulage offers the most dependable and cost-effective road freight; as the whole vehicle is reserved for your consignment, we can plan it at your convenience. Despite common perception, for shipments that are large enough to fill or nearly fill an entire truck, full truckloads can work out cheaper and also mean potentially less handling
between trucks mid-transit. All of our FTL cargo is fully monitored throughout its journey with us.

We ensure we treat your freight with all the attention and dedication as if it’s our own – because whilst it’s in our care, it’s our responsibility.